Is your company everything you believe it to be? Do you ever wonder what people really feel about the products you sell and the things you say? This week 'Perspective' explores the key to communication. We take a look at the evolving nature of the brand-consumer relationship and offer insights about the importance of personality when talking as a brand. Enjoy the views

Great brands go beyond business and products - creating associations born more from emotion than function. Successful brands are full of personality; discover how to express yours, in a way that will resonate with your audience.
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Observations of the week ...

Brand work creates a soulful space for the product or service to exist in. It generates emotion, and opens the possibility of a market being drawn into a relationship with you. In a market full of companies vying to catch consumers eyes it is those who can create feeling that succeed...

You might have the most amazing product or provide the most cutting edge service in the market but unless you have built and growing brand equity how far will your business really go? This article highlights the importance of creating a brand which nurtures your audience to win their trust.

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No one can afford to ignore the changes that technology has had on the brand-consumer relationship. It has forced brands to become ''absolutely immersed in peoples’ lives'' (Gooding, CMO of Aviva) - culturally the leadership need to embrace and drive this.
Aviva's CMO on brand's digital journey

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